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The next regular meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on Sunday, May 31th, 2015 at 7 p.m. at the clubhouse.  All residents are encouraged to come.


PARKING REMINDER: Vehicles may not be parked in yards, vacant lots, or on the mailbox side of streets at any time. Vehicles may not be parked on any streets between midnight and 6am. Any vehicles parked on streets between midnight and 6am on nights when the streets need to be plowed will be towed without warning. Other parking violations will receive one warning notice (placed on the windshield) but will be towed immediately the second or subsequent time in a given year (we do track license plate numbers for violations). Overflow parking is always available in the clubhouse parking lot 24/7.


2015 BUDGET:

If you would like a copy of the detailed (line-by-line) approved budget please contact the Treasurer (Glenn) and he will be happy to email it to you.


REMINDER: Please respect other residents by keeping your dog on a leash at all times when on the common grounds and not allowing them to wander onto other people’s property. Also please clean up after your pet if they defecate on common grounds or others’ property. The bylaws require all pets to be contained to your lot (fenced in, invisible fence, lead/leash) or on a leash if being walked on common grounds, and that they do not create excessive noise or nuisance to your neighbors.


CLUBHOUSE KEY CODES: Any residents who need a key code for the clubhouse door should contact Glenn Palmgren at 517-672-6278 or to arrange to meet him at the clubhouse to get your personal key code. Each household is assigned a unique code and will be required to sign a statement acknowledging receipt of their code and accepting responsibility for it. All owners will also be required to update their contact/voting designation form at the time they receive their key code if they don’t have a current contact form on file (providing the information on the contact form is required by the bylaws, sections 8.3 and 7.1).


HELP WANTED: Click here for a “job list” of work that needs to be completed around the community. Contact any current board member if you can help with any of these items.



Please contact the “On Duty” Board Member for clubhouse rentals, emergencies, or other important issues

Board Member Contact Information




CLUBHOUSE RENTAL INFO: Rental Form and Procedure

To reserve the clubhouse for your exclusive use for a day, check the calendar above for availability, then print and fill out one of the rental forms below. Leave the completed first page in the dropbox, along with a $50.00 reservation fee check, made payable to Maple Creek Preserve Association. You must be current on your Association dues to reserve the clubhouse. 48 hours before the rental date please contact the board member on duty (see calendar) to set a time to complete a walk-through and pick up the storage room key. At that time you will be required to give us a $250.00 refundable cleaning deposit check. After the party you need to contact the board member on duty again to do the final walk through. If everything is acceptable at the final walk-through the deposit check will be given back to you.

STREET LIGHT OUTAGES: All street lights in the subdivision (except the one at the entrance) are maintained by Consumer’s Energy. We pay for them in our property taxes. If you find one out or flickering or otherwise needing repair, please contact Consumer’s Energy by phone at 800-477-5050 or by using their online street light repair form.


BOARD MEETINGS: Next meeting date is shown on the calendar above. Meetings are held in the board room at the clubhouse, and residents are always welcome to attend.

Most Recent Minutes

Old Meeting Minutes


ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL: If you want to make any significant changes to the exterior appearance of your property, it requires approval of the Architectural Control Committee. This includes fences, decks, patios, sheds, playscapes, pools, planting trees or large shrubs, and changing color or materials for siding, windows, doors, etc. To request approval or if you have questions, send an email to ( Or Jimmie Bates (


RESIDENT CONTACT INFO: PLEASE UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION!  Please print this form, fill it out, and return it to the dropbox or mail it to the clubhouse (6101 Fountain View Dr). We need up-to-date contact information, especially email addresses, for all co-owners and renters so that we can send updates, letters, and other correspondence. Your information will be used only for Association business and will not be disclosed to anyone outside our community. All co-owners are required by the bylaws to keep their contact information current with the Association. The bylaws also require that we have a designation of voting representative on file for every co-owner.




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